Aithan’s work using the arts to accelerate people and processes in uncertainty has guided international governments’ innovation  initiatives, merged business and arts education curricula, and advised global Fortune 100s on how to ‘lead by seeing and listening differently’ in the tectonic shift from building tools to creating cultures of innovation.

He founded Making to Think to serve as a creative partner in developing complex global organizations into incubators of talent as their competitive advantage for the future of work.

He is also pioneering progressive curricula at the edge of leadership, skills, and creativity development for MIT Sloan’s Innovation Period, Harvard iLab, Stanford d.School, and Berklee Institute for Creative Leadership. Aithan is also currently leading three international university initiatives in integrating their business schools and arts colleges, and has advised several successful startups and social innovators, one of which recently took the TED Global stage.

Aithan began his career as a professional artist exhibiting and collected at museums internationally for 15 years while completing PhD research on the creative process at the Royal College of Art & Design (RCA), living for three years with Aboriginal Australians studying innovation in cultures of survival, directing world-class creative teams in fine art and music, and visiting critic at RISD, RCA, Berklee College of Music, and Yale-NUS.



Pete is a Certified Integral Facilitator®, licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and entrepreneur with an MA in Human Development. 

A practitioner of culture design, facilitation, Deliberately Developmental Organizations, Meditation, psychotherapy, and EOS, he specializes in elevating existing teams and events through developmental learning, coaching, and facilitation. 

A core member of Ten Directions training and consulting teams and a principal facilitator and experience designer for HATCH Summit, Pete has helped executives and professionals from numerous industries including thought leaders from IDEO, NASA, Apple, Google, Intel, Deloitte, EY, Hasbro, Warner Bros, and other Fortune 500 companies. 

As an entrepreneur, Pete has co-created seven restaurant concepts, co-founded an energy efficiency company and an angel investment firm, “Better Angels,” and is personally invested in the mentorship of multiple innovative start-ups. Pete is also an adjunct professor at MSU’s College of Business, and a TEDx speaker. Pete is passionate about his family, playing hockey, tennis, and music. And he loves a good pun. 

Pete Strom


Lauren is a developmental consultant, coach, facilitator, trainer, and learning designer. A consummate transformational educator, Lauren is a sought-after collaborator by thought-leaders and entrepreneurs across multiple disciplines for her ability to make the invisible visible, and the complex actionable. She works with a diverse array of clients, including coaching and facilitating individuals, teams, and large events across the business and non-profit sectors.

Lauren specializes in facilitative leadership training, interpersonal skills and dynamics, emotional maturity, and long term culture and governance change. Lauren’s ability to facilitate deeper self-awareness and discernment of essential truth, even in the most complex contexts, lights up and releases key stuck points for her clients and their organizations. 

Lauren is a Certified Presence Based Coach and Certified Integral Facilitator®. Over more than a decade in the field of human development and transformative learning, she has trained in many of today’s most innovative tools for transformation and collaboration, including: Immunity to Change, Sociocracy, Holacracy, The Natural Change Process, Evolving Worldviews, Way of Council, Integral Theory, Metatheory, Presence Based Coaching, the Lectical Assessment System and Ephemeral Group Process.

Lauren Tenney


David has 20 years of experience helping many of the world’s most reputable companies work through their “knottiest” brand and business problems – from facilitating agile transformations to integrating customer and market insights into strategic planning and pipeline development to cultivating the leadership capacities and skills to survive and thrive in an era of increasing uncertainty and unprecedented change. He is the winner of the 2017 CX Innovation Award for his work to co-create the medical imaging clinic of the future.

David has worked with many of the world’s most beloved, disruptive and significant brands, including Citi, Coke, Converse, Fidelity, JetBlue, Mayo Clinic, Merck and more. He’s been on the launch team of three startup companies – one which fizzled, one which flopped, and one which flew and grew beyond his wildest expectations. He serves on the board of a select few early-stage startups and cultural organizations and, when things get really tense, will remind everyone that he is a certified Thai masseuse and that we should all just sit back, breathe mindfully and “jai yen-yen” (cool our hearts).

David Franke


Chris is currently the Managing Director of the Harvard Innovation Labs. 

A serial entrepreneur in the marketing and innovation space, Chris has built and helped build many companies, ranging from the creation of Holland-Mark, the largest independent advertising agency at the time to a recent turnaround of a key division of Scholastic. His focus during the last few years has been on innovation in higher education, resulting in him founding FINIS, a start up platform to re-invent the Career Services programming in colleges and universities. He sits on several boards and has an MBA from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business and a BA in History from Connecticut College. He is passionate about teaching, speaking, writing, motivating, creating and making whatever is before him better than it is or was. 

Chris Colbert



We believe in developing human potential. Uncertainty, unpredictability, and vulnerability are the new literacy for today and tomorrow's working world. These guiding principles inform our methodology. more>


Experiment @ MIT

Making to Think started in 2015 as an experiment to give MIT Sloan MBAs a new perspective on the upsides and downsides of how they currently collaborate, cultivate creativity, experience leadership, and solve problems. The result became a top rated workshop for MIT Sloan’s Innovation Period, and inspired the start of a company by the same name.

Global Organizations

Making to Think has since transformed thousands of people, processes and cultures—helping complex global organizations, from Google and GE to Merck and Fidelity, create cultures to meet the rapidly changing needs of their customers.

Commitment to Future Leaders + Research

While training corporate executives and teams, Making to Think has also remained committed to future leadership and at the cutting edge of research and technology, designing workshops and pioneering research for Harvard iLab, Stanford d.School and presenting Creative Leadership on international stages such as C2 and for the US Embassy in New Zealand.

"They radiated authenticity and command of the subject and were rock stars at responding in the moment to questions or personal challenges people raised."

Director of Research and Development


"Today, Making to Think shifted our perspective and got us to think about things in a new way. We learned more about each other and how we collaborate in the first ten minutes drawing than we have in over five years working together!"

C Suite


"Today was the most transformative experience of the last five years at work. At first I thought there would be a connection between art and music or art and theater maybe, but art and business?! What I left with today has already changed me, I see our work entirely differently. I have to bring this session to my team now and dive deeper."

Chief People and Operations


“Culture isn’t just one aspect of the game, it is the game.”

Lou Gerstner, former IBM CEO


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