We believe in developing human potential. Uncertainty, unpredictability, and vulnerability are the new literacy for today and tomorrow's working world. These guiding principles inform our methodology.

1. Work hands-first. (Make to Think) Dive in. Make as a way of thinking. Don’t think in order to make.


2. Show up to learn. Take action that is driven by purpose and the motivation to learn in order to transform team dynamics, accelerate decision-making and build trust in others and yourself.


3. Enhance diversity to enhance creative output. Take problem-solving to the next level by optimizing individual and team perspectives. Learning to invite and work with diverse and conflicting perspectives at the table will cultivate optimal creativity for problem-solving under pressure.


4. What would an artist do? Artists are the experts at sourcing and implementing creative opportunities in time of crisis - and the associated time-tested frameworks, skillsets, and behaviors for doing so. We apply artists’ frameworks for problem-solving to business-defined opportunities. We provide frameworks to help you and your team push your learning edge, optimize your performance, and thrive in change.


5. Bias toward action. If you have an idea, pursue it right now, if you have a conflict, deal with it now. Don’t wait.



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