Skip the Powerpoints and immerse hands-first in artists’ frameworks for visioning in change, musicians’ skillsets for listening to lead, dancers’ strategies for communicating with empathy and trust. Equip your high-performance team for the speed of change.

TEDx | UNCERTAINTY Aithan Shapira, Founder of MakIng to Think, speaks on leading in accelerating uncertainty using tools from the arts.

TEDx | WE ARE ALL CUBISTS Aithan Shapira, Founder of Making to Think, on seeing art & creativity differently. Approaching challenges with a cubist perspective.

We bring out theartist in the leaderswe work with. Artists thrive in the newand uncertain. At Making to Thinkwe don’t imitate artists.We unlearn certaintyto build creative mindsetsin leaders and teams.

"A lot of work that will continue to be of high value for people to do is tied to meaning making with other people. How does this decision, product, or service affect your life, your challenges, your family? The corollary is that we need to train everybody, early, on how to give meaning to other people’s challenges, work, skills, and needs to ensure they will have valuable work to do."

—Bror Saxberg, VP of Learning Science, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

"Regularly sharing low cost yet high fidelity, and thoughtfully researched, ideas between creative types—earlier rather than later—can accelerate the craft of innovation."

—John Maeda



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