MAKING TO THINK helps leading global organizations develop cultures of innovation that meet the rapidly changing needs of their customers in an increasingly fast-paced, competitive, and complex world.


Transform Your Organization Into an Incubator of Talent


In today’s increasingly fast-paced, competitive, and complex world, if you don’t innovate you won’t survive.

Most people and organizations are not inherently innovative. The rise of the digital age—4th industrial revolution—has oriented the last 30 years to building tools for innovation. However, to become innovative, you cannot simply build an innovation lab or buy the shiniest trademarked tools.

MAKING TO THINK is equipping individuals, teams, and organizations for today and for the future of work, where shifting from building tools to creating cultures of innovation is the competitive advantage—cultures that lean toward breaking mental models, are adept at negotiating many perspectives, and are responsive to change.
Skills are temporary in this transitional age where individuals, teams, and organizations are changing to meet the rapidly changing needs of their customers. Where functional expertise is shifting to constant learning, hiring and firing competencies must be replaced by transforming your organization to the most powerful incubator possible for the development of talent.
In our working world, uncertainty, unpredictability, and vulnerability are the new literacy, and the leading culture makes in order to think. MAKING TO THINK goes to the source and immerses executives hands-first in artists’ frameworks to build capacity for shifting perception, amplifying diversity, collaborating in conflict, and enabling people to thrive in change.



"They radiated authenticity and command of the subject and were rock stars at responding in the moment to questions or personal challenges people raised."

Director of Research and Development


"Today, Making to Think shifted our perspective and got us to think about things in a new way. We learned more about each other and how we collaborate in the first ten minutes drawing than we have in over five years working together!"

C Suite


"Today was the most transformative experience of the last five years at work. At first I thought there would be a connection between art and music or art and theater maybe, but art and business?! What I left with today has already changed me, I see our work entirely differently. I have to bring this session to my team now and dive deeper."

Chief People and Operations


“Culture isn’t just one aspect of the game, it is the game.”

Lou Gerstner, former IBM CEO


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